Frequently Asked Questions


The platform is the easiest place where you can multiply your money without any specialist knowledge of the currency or cryptocurrency markets. Just choose one of the investment plans and make a deposit to start earning passively every day.
Yes. is a registered, legally operating company in the UK. Our experts will take care of your deposit to ensure you get a profit without worrying about the way and course of the investment.
Our team consists of people with great experience, using many ways to earn on the cryptocurrency market. Modern tools and developed investment diversification algorithms allow us to achieve results on the basis of which we have developed our investment plans. In addition, high financial reserves held by our company, as equity, ensure liquidity and continuity of financing subsequent transactions.


The minimum deposit is $20. The system converts the rate of the cryptocurrency in which you invest at the current exchange rate.
Yes, you can make unlimited deposits in any investment plan and in any cryptocurrency up to the maximum deposit amount.
Depending on the cryptocurrency you are using, the deposit time may vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour or more. Our system requires 3 full confirmations from the blockchain network to register your deposit.
Yes, of course you don't have to incur unnecessary transfer costs. All you have to do is go to the "Make Deposit" section and select your account balance as the payment system. The system will take funds from your balance to make another / new deposit.


The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the type of cryptocurrency you are using.

Minimum of $20 for:

Minimum of $5 for:


Minimum of $1 for:
For maximum security, withdrawals are processed manually by our operators. After confirmation, your payment will be processed within a maximum of 48 hours
Not. If you have decided to make a deposit in a given cryptocurrency, all your withdrawals from that deposit will also be made in that cryptocurrency.

Account & Security

Each person is asked to have only one registered account for their own use. Please do not register more account in your referral structure (Using referral link from your existing account). Charging commission from your own deposits using linked accounts is strictly prohibited.
Yes, the data you provide to us regarding your Full name, email address, cryptocurrency wallets are 100% secured and will never be shared with third parties. All operations are only available to you and the
We use a super secure server for data storage, protected against any type of attack. Our website uses an SSL SHA-256 connection with RSA Encryption.
Cryptocurrency funds are kept on secure wallets that are completely impossible to access by third parties.
Our team consists of qualified people who adhere to all security and confidentiality rules.
You can change your Full Name, Password, edit your cryptocurrency withdrawal Wallets and manage two-factor authentication yourself.
If you want to modify other data, please contact our support.
Please follow our account security rules for users:
  • Set a strong password of at least 6 characters, including numbers, upper and lower case letters or/and special characters.
  • Never share your login and password with anyone! (Our support will never ask for it)
  • Set a different password than you use to access your E-Mail account.

Please Note: Our support or administration NEVER CONTACT with users personally via Telegram accounts or other messengers. The only possible contact ways are: Contact Form on website or E-Mail to: [email protected] never ask for payments to external crypto wallets and never promote / recommend any other investment platforms, programs, bots and apps.

If you have any doubts, always contact our support.